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In this era of uncertainty due to CoVid -19 virus, Dr. Morjarias' Advanced Dental Clinic feels proud to announce complimentary video consultations to their site visitors. Because your health along with safety is our priority.

How to Avail your video Consultation

Step 1

Call 09428466058

Step 2

Give your details like name, age, area where you stay etc.

Step 3

Mention a time suitable to you.

Our staff will give you an appointment for video consultation.

You will recieve a link via sms for your video consult

Our Doctors will call you and discuss regarding your issue.

The need of treatment, treatment options and the severity of the problems will be discussed and at the end of consult a prescription will be shared if required.

If after all these, a clinical check up is required, you will need to personally visit Dr. Morjarias' Advanced Dental Clinic.  We will be happy to help.

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